Santa Fe Edge by Stuart Woods

Santa Fe Edge (Ed Eagle #4) by Stuart Woods

If you run into trouble in Santa Fe, Ed Eagle is the man to see…

Ed Eagle, the six-foot-seven, take-no-prisoners Santa Fe attorney, is no stranger to murder, corruption, or organized crime—both north and south of the border. His home in Santa Fe, a picturesque desert town where the wealthy enjoy the good life, seems like a welcome retreat from the grit and crime of big cities.

But looks can be deceiving, and trouble has a way of finding Ed.

A puzzling murder in a golfer’s hacienda brings in a new client for Ed, but while his time is spent unraveling the complex web of sex, money, and false identity, a much more dangerous threat lurks. A ruthless and implacable enemy that has proved more than a match for him in the past has returned to Santa Fe, and this time she wants nothing less than all-out retribution.

From the seamy prisons of Mexico to the glamorous movie sets of L.A. and the lush and exclusive resorts of Santa Fe, Ed Eagle and his team of private detectives must hunt or be hunted…

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