Hikayat: Short Stories by Lebanese Women by Roseanne Saad Khalaf

Hikayat: Short Stories by Lebanese Women by Roseanne Saad Khalaf

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This anthology of Lebanese women fiction writers offers a captivating mix of stories by published authors with established reputations, such as Emily Nasrallah, Hanan Sheikh and Alaweeya Sobh, alongside the narratives of younger women whose voices explore new terrain. Although each of the contributors differ in personality, style and creative purpose, tackling subjects from the crippling effects of the civil war in past decades, through longing for romantic adventures in a conservative society, to the functioning of families across the divides of emigration and generational conflict.

When viewed together these voices reflect the rich diversity of the complex multi-cultural society out of which they emerged.

Roseanne Saad Khalaf is Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing at the American University of Beirut. She was brought up in Lebanon by an American mother and a Lebanese father. From 1984 to 1995 she lived in Princeton and New York, where she worked as a consultant and part-time stage mom when her nine-year old son Ramzi began an acting career on Broadway. She now lives in Lebanon with her husband, Samir.

Her publications include Once Upon a Time in Lebanon, Lebanon: Four Journeys to the Past, Themes and Transit Beirut: New Writing and Images.

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