Geisha With Green Eyes by India Millar

Geisha With Green Eyes (Secrets From the Hidden House #1) by India Millar EPUB

By 1850, Japan had been closed to the outside world for centuries. It was a secret world. A hidden world.
And deep within that hidden world was the Yoshiwari in Edo (now Tokyo). Yoshiwara − “The Floating World”. The centre of pleasure, for those men who could afford it. The place where hardly any demand was too strange, too bizarre, to find satisfaction.
And − like a carved ivory ball where another world nestles within another world within another world − inside The Floating World was the Hidden House.
The place that only a select few knew about. The place where only the very rich could satisfy their innermost desires. The place where nothing, nothing at all, was forbidden. The place where the geisha were ….special. Very special.
And in the Hidden House lived Midori No Me − The Geisha with Green Eyes. Even by the standards of the Hidden House, she was unique. Half Japanese, half foreign Barbarian. Born to slavery in the Hidden House when her geisha mother ran away with her foreign Barbarian lover, she grew up knowing no other world.
Trained from childhood to dedicate her life to serving the wealthy patrons of the Hidden House. Defiled at 13 when her virginity was sold to the highest bidder; a man old enough to be her grandfather.
Possessed by the greatest actor in the Edo Kabuki theatre. Stolen from him by the most powerful Yakuza in Edo.
Midori Ne Me. The geisha who knew only what she had been taught – how to give pleasure to men. The geisha who dared to use those skills to throw off the shackles she was born to wear.
Midori No Me. The geisha who escaped from the Floating World.
Midori No Me. The Geisha with Green Eyes.

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