Blood Money: Bikies, Terrorists And Middle Eastern Gangs by Clive Small, Tom Gilling

Welcome to today’s dark new underworld, more reckless and violent than ever before with Middle Eastern and motorcycle gangs, the Calabrian Mafia, and Lebanese crime figures

Organized crime in Australia is more reckless and more violent than ever before. Controlled by a new wave of gangland bosses, it has broken old taboos and formed alliances that would have once been unthinkable. So who now holds the power? There are the Middle Eastern gangs whose core business is drugs, the sale and stockpiling of dangerous weapons, extortion and large-scale fraud; the outlaw motorcycle gangs with their fortified club houses and amphetamine labs; and the Calabrian Mafia, always dangerous and opportunistic. Even more frightening, through the influence of radical Islam, organized crime and terrorism have begun to merge. Our jails are turning drug dealers and car thieves into holy warriors willing to kill indiscriminately for their cause. With the same meticulous research that made Smack Express required reading for anyone interested in organized crime and the threats it poses, Clive Small and Tom Gilling now fit together all the pieces to take us deep into this new, dark and violent Australian underworld.

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